Restless Mind / Exhausted Body (EP)

by Lucille Crew

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1st verse (Snowflake Black): It’s like the slaves of a million people are in our hands. Chains are braided within our skin cause we're stealing brands. Labels resurrected in urban places just to stand. Upon the shoulders of man - Atlas without a plan. Tasteless yet deep with ink - written in struggles. Hustling, labor favors resented pictures of contraband. Contrary to popular tales of Wonderland I ain't seen the chalice or Alice, the Holy Grail's a sham. Is it the fault of ourselves, like in a gerbil wheel? Verbiage and verses make it spin and still we’re standing still. And will it kill us -- the blacks, the whites, Koreans, Latinos, Whoever can rep the best where the hood runs through? The contradiction of n!@a and yeah I use it to. To my demise - a miser who never changes his views. Proven that volumes of the truth are catalogued as fiction. Caused when they say the "fact will give it back to those who listen. Wishing my relevance bettered the better men to be the better man Who never step on Weather-Men who praise the Grand. Talking away our obligations just for satiation. Placing complacency above what was the height and aim In Our sole reservations- --stuffed ‘em and had ‘em twisted Fist ‘em and fuck ‘em - ditched ‘em. Never sever the quill. Shit - it's my business. Never lay in waste to make them shiftless positions. Keeping it crucial, sifting heavy, losing trust. i need to get it down how to stay up. 2nd verse (Rebel Sun): Native son yeah, Richard was right Get ya’ face left tight Place From where pockets tight with the paper ain't safe right ? Premeditated changes the status of a case The onion could mean the ready base Or the the curve of her ass shape Straight lace like fish-scale after razorblades. With the majority hoping God will save from fairy tales in a dead man’s grave And it’s Orson Welles - citizen Kane Fiends Philistines at the gate With Popes still burnin’ witches at the stake and that’s Sixtus when its Moscow time the arms Invictus Beyond the limits of Lucius trust Mad political they Polly for the interest And still my eyes remain against sunrise and Mediterranean sunset Bridge: Holding Me Down… Holding Me Down… 3rd Verse: And then it's sunrise And the light kisses ya face You know how it makes You Dig under the covers and grab the pillow case And point and pace, won't wait And last night date ain't left smell of sex and after taste Aches for an afterlife like fiends find escape after pipe Sky high in mid air Prepared for the fall At civilization’s dawn No hocus pocus and magic wands Just “NATO” squadrons they Dazzle skylines with drones And napalm son.
How could I've known If the roads I took Would make me strong Or throw my life for you Nothing ever matters Let it be your truth We never know If looking in our souls Would right the wrong Cause nothing ever do Let me be your secrets Let me do the things You wouldn't do Hold your head up high Look out for the sky Cause you can not resist your fate Leave with no regrets Never hold it back No you could not resist it yet Cause you can not resist your fate All that you know And all that you forget The days have gone And you're not ready yet Let it be your guidance Let it be your light I would have thought That you will see by now I could be wrong but then I've gone too far Nothing's ever certain No one's really strong Rebel sun: Ye, I stress for win and gain Trying to get away from this city's veins Living in vain, the mirrors against the window panes. Trying to give it my life, but still the struggle's the same (damn) Wax away like the moon Like every mummy tries to escape the tomb When the pyramids the house of fire ring doom And it's back to the organics patterns that's in loom But still i hope my head up high to divide pies Cause i tell the truth when i be speaking these lies And eyes have been seen, it's the beauty to behold As we struggle for opportunity to reach the goal But i will... Hold your head up high Look out for the sky Cause you can not resist your fate Leave with no regrets Never hold it back No you could not resist it yet Ye! It's like a leap of death No matter what's left Every single breath The steps in which we move The thoughts got me confused But still i can't allude Something that must conclude And as to everyday, the poetry in which i feel It's like a thug on a burner when he clutch the steel Hold it back and let the chamber wheel But everything's for real And if it only be God's will
Chorus: What the hell did I do last night? I don’t know where I am and don’t feel right The lights are out and the coast is clear Oh man, I gotta get outta here. 1st verse: NAHHHH! I don't Miss no mistress, I Stress 'bout none, Whether Sweet with big bangers. Calicos and dum dums and Mossbergs, those large words. Her larynx was Licking vocab. Now, she's a pirate and I’m a nomad Now I’m not mad, just pissed and all aggi Since I best see shore, Shells get tossed like dime baggies For Heart breaks in tragedy, and it’s: Good Morning bitch! Bad breath, eyes all baggie, clammed out, still crabby. Tricks turned naggie and ruin the chemistry. Oh, well, yeah! Punani turned to enemy And that was After she was so cock friendly From feather bed to north ave we shoot And shooters pull semi’s for lust and injury. Tell me! Chorus: What the hell did I do last night? I don’t know where I am and don’t feel right The lights are out and the coast is clear Oh man, I gotta get outta here. 2nd verse: And now its home coming, She fucking up my fall Just like its last semester So are we children of a lesser God? Lectures with Lex Luther Vandross And it’s P&Q's, so cutie your Hands off In her Crack movements, G’ing her pack, Moving' on Hand off so ease those dirty paws My metal tapes be high bias, since I’m an easy Ryder That zig zag and pull it back after the line like typewriters Those typewriters In the Guild I threw on my white on white Nike Cortez Paul Rodriguez, fitted cap over the dreads, Now I'm stepping off the bed’s edge - thinking. Lucille Crewrestless mind exhausted body
Bounce 02:47
1st Verse: I was a good boy, Cause i cover my dirt Star, ever a boss Cause I be serving dat work Only ambrosia be the smell of my purp Idi - a Raunchy cat He a hell of a jerk Weakness for short shirts Vag squirts till My ball sack hurts Lap dance With a naughty twerk she was tweaking on lean While I hustled green for the green singing biggie: "it was all a dream" Caught in a sceam For more - Grinding this whore Steamed off an ounce then the cops knocked at the door Sure for the count Beast Rushing on my score Heard 50 shout And it was time to be out so i bounce 2nd Verse: I'm a grown man But whispers never stop They always name drop when I billboard hot No shame in the limelight on Top, primrose So I take my pose, Pause, freeze on the spot Got game On the heavy bass They call it fame when you regulate So if u lame bitch Get it straight And if u fake hate Snakes ain't mates For the cake yeah its heart ache that never brakes the doubt From a gram to an ounce Bankroll that's the money that i count And when I'm out I bounce (MotherFucker) 3rd Verse: So it's east west North south From the mansion To the trap house Back entrance Through the front route Scouts honor Most devout Fuck ya bitch pout Since they hate like a ex spouse Strict on that dumbout Going all out Lil stout said air them out Heat most paramount The fiends scream in the street bout drought When ballers Bargain with clout King of the hill With the throne on the mount


released August 29, 2015

Produced by: Isgav Dotan and Yossi Adi

Music by: Lucille Crew

MC- Joel Covington
Vocals - Gal De Paz
Drums - Yossi Adi
Programming, Keys and Guitars - Isgav Dotan
Bass - Roey Paradny
Trumpet - Barak Hener
Tenor Sax - Ilan Adiri
Keys - Naaman Shadmi
MC - Ross Ellen AKA Snowflake Black (track 1)

Mixed by Jonathan Jacobi @ Jaffa Sound Arts
Mastered by Jonathan Jacobi @ Jaffa Sound Arts

Recorded @ Kicha Studios

Artwork by: Isgav Dotan
Album Design by: Gilat Adi Shahar


all rights reserved



LucilleCrew Israel

Lucille Crew is an international groove collective, fusing elements of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul.
Headed by producer Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and Drummer Yossi Adi. The crew is on a non-stop quest of live performances and recording. Catch them live or check out their music here. ... more

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