Mad In Here (feat. Snowflake Black)

from by Lucille Crew

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And yep motherfuckers Is mad here
Shit so live they Wildin' everyday
they trip out douce'n i can't front cause i be lunching out
on some bullshit too sick
Trapped in the pits with no exit
What a motherpuka Gotta do to exist
No stress with a grip when hell is above
Realz in the midst And the hole below
So can I just stay on my push and go
Pro in the flesh Where I found on my set
Where they do for The death On fret for the assets
At best with the excess
So with madness they found Success
But y'all don't hear me though

struggles off the ropes lately
got me shaky

For the 007
It's the double O stacks
With the Double O brethren
Who found vice In the Vicodin
that Oxycontin got them flying high
On that Xanax Back to my psychosis
it's That beautiful bliss so pornographic With the Apathy
If I'm a sociopath What could you ask of me
If my ink prints Don't explain my Agony
Straight jackets For pageantry
If i Slide on leans with it make me a casualty
Spring leaves, burning trees, all the voices in my Head
well welcome to a madman's Gallery


struggles off the ropes lately
got me shaky


Whether a Weather-Man focused his letter-head
straight on the weight of the Devil that's overhead.
Maybe he cast for the paper - the bread.
Not the one that was read but the one in the wallet-stead.
Powers of Government hover above
with a reason to say they're the right ones to judge.
Like a bully, a fat-fucker that just won’t budge
And we've nudged and we've pushed and we're pullin' the plug.
Cops steady shooting down people in streets,
fucking choke 'em for loosies and saying the heat of the urban is equal to evil in speeches
from people like Trump with the Church and the Steeple.
So now we just fed up and sick of the hits,
so we lurk in disguise
and we rise on the shit what
and we rise on this shit what


struggles off the ropes lately
got me shaky


from Respect The Dawn, track released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


LucilleCrew Israel

Lucille Crew is an international groove collective, fusing elements of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul.
Headed by producer Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and Drummer Yossi Adi. The crew is on a non-stop quest of live performances and recording. Catch them live or check out their music here. ... more

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