by Lucille Crew

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Slowburn is the title track from Lucille Crew’s highly anticipated new album (due Feb 2020).
As new year’s resolutions go, in this new track, Lucille Crew are taking a strong turn into a somewhat Groove based, dirty apocalyptic Disco. Portraying the complex and never-ending rollercoaster that is a relationship. whether it’s between two people or between an artist and his/her audience.


Come a runnin quick as you can
Ain't no worries
Watch me rising
So you think you slick
And cool then
What's the hurry?
Perfect timing

Back Turn,
It keeps coming closer
Let it happen

Slow burn
No sleep
Show me what to do
And how it happens

Got the feeling of dreamer
Can’t wake up
I’m a genie that’s getting weaker
Speaker dribble
Apple-box preacher
Mind Ripples and drips,
I think I got a leaker.
Space lockin my chain - slammed like Shaq’ll
Block the shot to my brain – Lupe Fiasco
Can’t remember the minute I got up in this shit
Now I’m in it and living it up - can’t quit.
Driving blind but I see you in my rear
Never backing up
Pedal laying down - No Fear
Eyes misty
skating up on a lake
Skip on water like danger dances with pain
Missed the mission like weddings’ll miss the ring
Clipping the final wing from my plane
Same ol’ Song
Don’t sang
Cause I wrote it with slang
Come and witness
Beginning it Big - Bang

Back Turn,
It keeps coming closer
Let it happen
Slow burn
No sleep
Show me what to do
And how it happens


released February 16, 2020
Produced by: Isgav Dotan
Co-produced by: Yossi Adi
Lyrics: Ross Weems, Gal De Paz, Isgav Dotan
Composed by:Gal De Paz,Isgav Dotan

Synth Bass: Isgav Dotan
Programming and additional Keys and Synths: Isgav Dotan
Drums: Yossi Adi
Vocals: Gal De Paz
Vocals: Ross Weems
Horns Arrangement: Barak Hener, Ilan Adiri
Trumpet: Barak Hener
Saxophone: Ilan Adiri
Keys: Jonathan Linav
C Part Arrangement: Ilan Adiri, Jonathan Linav and Lucille Crew

Mix and Mastering:Jonathan Jacobi @ Jaffa Sound Arts
Vocal & Horns Recording Engineer: Isgav Dotan
Drums Recording Engineer: Jonathan Jacobi
Recorded @ Jaffa Sound Arts


all rights reserved



LucilleCrew Israel

Lucille Crew is an international groove collective, fusing elements of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul.
Headed by producer Izzy (Isgav Dotan) and Drummer Yossi Adi. The crew is on a non-stop quest of live performances and recording. Catch them live or check out their music here. ... more

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